What do you need to know?

Working with me is a partnership, so we need to make sure that both parties are comfortable for taking that step. 

If you can't find the answer please email chris@basemindset.com with your question

Most popular FAQs

See below for some of the questions that come up during the initial enquiry stage.

What services to you provide?

The work I do starts in the form of an initial Discovery Session, then a programme of services to suit your specific requirements. The coaching, NED and advisory services provided to you includes a powerful and comprehensive process for ongoing personal development, transformation, and achievement, designed jointly with you and may also, in agreement with you the client, address specific personal issues if required.

How quickly will we see tangible results?

Each client is different and at a different part of their journey. That said, you will see tangible benefits and results within the first 90 days as part of the 90 day plan we agree and I help you execute.

How much time and involvement do you have with me and the business?

Weekly calls and video conferencing with you and any member of your team as a when required. Monthly face to face visits on request and agreement, 24/7 WhatsApp support.

How do you measure progress?

Weekly progress meetings are held and progress is measured on the factors and KPIs we agreed at the beginning of our agreement. 

How do you manage your time with other clients?

In the same way as all my clients; you are all a priority and get allocated the requisite agreed time.

How long is the minimum term to engage with you?

My minimum service agreement is 6 months long. Progressing your business and your life requires a commitment from both of us. 

Who do we contact for references?

Please see here for over 30 recommendations from clients and the home page for real testimonials from recent clients. 

What have been your biggest success as an NED / Business Coach?

I have worked with 32 clients to date and on average they see a 34% increase in fees, 132%increase in new clients, 37% increase in billings per consultant, 73% increase in repeat business and a 57% increase in profits.

What are you biggest challenges from other clients?

The biggest challenge most of my clients have is in creating then executing their vision. And that could include but not limited to hiring, team development, communication, scaling and the ability to deliver key objectives.

What about conflicts of interests with similar businesses?

I am happy to sign an NDA if the client deems it necessary, but you’re hiring me because I am the best at what I do – scaling and selling recruitment agencies. My clients trust me and my proven track record to execute that.