1000+ Inspiring WOMEN

LinkedIn Directory of 1000+ WOMEN Who Inspire Through Their Work

This project started 2 weeks ago with an organic post from me, tagging 30 women who inspired me.

There was a foot note saying please mention any women who were inspiring to others.

Within 48 hours it grew to over 700 women being spotlighted!

The concept of this directory was then born and here we now are! 1251 phenomenal women are listed and come highly recommended.

I am absolutely delighted Issue One is published. I’ll be opening up further opportunities for more women to be listed in Issue Two in December.

We will develop and enhance the directory into further categories, and more defined descriptions, to help you find your key women of influence more easily.

Issue Two will also have 25 featured LinkedIn profiles of incredible women with an in-depth summary from different categories.

The aim is to release a new issue every July and December until we reach 10000 inspiring women!

Quite a beautiful thing I’m sure you’ll agree?!

Thank you for all your support

This directory is intersectional to ensure all gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, class and other forms of discrimination, intersect to create unique dynamics and effects.

The women’s directory aims to spotlight as many industry expert categories as possible.

No longer will “there just aren’t any women” be an excuse for not engaging with female-led businesses, or building representative event panels.

Instead you will have free access to female leaders who can truly support and enhance your business.

The purpose of this is to elevate the work of ALL women, and show absolute true allyship.

This is really important to me personally having spent 25 years working and building businesses, across a multitude of different sectors.

I’ve seen first-hand the barriers that women face throughout their careers, and the impact this has had on them.

ALL Women play a huge part in the evolution of work, business, and society.

I understand my role in spotlighting their work!

Chris O’Connell – Founder